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Private Loop

Private Loop was founded by Suksum and Giorgio to help bring team leaders and server owners together to solve two common problems of many team leaders and server owners, not being able to find Minecraft servers for their team to play with high payouts and server owners that have a great server not being able to find the correct team leaders.

Here at Private Loop, we solve both, we find servers of all player bases and high payouts for team leaders to play without them needing to go through the hassle of searching for long periods of time and help server owners get the outreach they need with team leaders.

Private Loop has over 130 team leaders, 60 server owners, and many 5 star reviews from the community. We have also recently announced our website beta where competitive servers with upcoming maps will be released. Server owners can get free advertising of their competitive upcoming maps on the Discord and Website.

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Tebex (Buycraft)

Monetise your game server.

Setup your webstore, create your products, link to your game server and start generating revenue in minutes.